How does the email bot work? | Senders Help

How does the email bot work?

Simply send or forward an email to from any email account and our mail bot will reply with Senders Cards for each of the email addresses it detects in the email.

For example, let’s say you’re copied on an email along with six other people, most of whom you don’t know. You can simply forward that email to and see immediately who those six people are. Our email bot will detect the addresses in the headers (To: and Cc:) as well as the body and even the subject. You can, in essence, meet these people without leaving your email!

For now, we’ve placed limits on the number of emails you can send to in a given day. But the limits we do have in place should offer you plenty of opportunity to save time by learning more about who’s emailing you.

It’s a great way to show your friends the benefits of Senders and get the same information for existing emails and other email accounts you might have.

We never store the email messages you send to So your private messages remain private and secure. You can learn more in our privacy policy.