MailChimp Integration | Senders Help

MailChimp Integration

You can connect your Senders account to your MailChimp account. For each Sender, you will instantaneously know which of your mailing lists s/he is subscribed to.

What's in it for me?

Each time you receive an email from a Sender, the Senders card will display the status of the sender with respect to your MailChimp lists:

  • When was the sender first added in MailChimp
  • Which lists is s/he subscribed to?
  • Which lists did s/he unsubscribe from?
  • Which list are pending h/er approval? 

If the sender is not registered in any list, the MailChimp banner will simply state "Not in any list."

When you click on the MailChimp banner in the card, you are brought to the Senders MailChimp page where you can subscribe or unsubscribe the sender from your lists through the toggle buttons.

How do I connect?

To connect your Senders account to your MailChimp, go to your settingsand switch the MailChimp toggle on. 

Login to your MailChimp account and allow Senders to access it:

Once done, your settings will display the name of the account your are connected to: