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Salesforce Integration

You can connect your Senders account to your Salesforce account. For each Sender already registered in your Salesforce database, you will instantaneously know relevant information about h/er, which account s/he's bound to and what are the ongoing opportunities.

What's in it for me?

When you receive an email from a sender, we will try to add the most relevant information beside the Salesforce icon, according to what we found in your associated Salesforce account. 

For instance:

  • is this person already registered as a lead ?
  • is this person registered as a contact?
  • which account this person is associated with, if s/he is a contact, or which account s/he would be associated with if s/he was converted to a contact
  • if a contact was found, what are the opportunities in progress for this contact
  • if an account was found, but no contact, what are the opportunities in progress for this account

How do I connect?

To connect your Senders account to your Salesforce account, go to yoursettings and switch the Salesforce toggle on. 

Login to your account:

Once done, your settings will display the name of the Salesforce account you're connected to: