Shopify Integration | Senders Help

Shopify Integration

You can connect your Senders account to one of your Shopify stores. You will then get Shopify-related information about the sender in your Senders card.

What's in it for me?

Here is the information you will get in your Senders card when you receive an email from an existing customer:

  • Date the customer was added
  • Total number of orders
  • Total amount spent
  • Last order, if any:
    • creation or cancellation date
    • ID
    • Amount
    • Line item names
    • Financial status: pending / authorized / partially paid / paid / partially refunded / refunded / voided / not paid
    • Fulfillment status: fulfilled / not fulfilled / partial

When you click on the Shopify banner in the card, you will be brought either to the Shopify customer profile.

If the customer is not registered in your Shopify shop, the Shopify banner in the card will simply display "No customer data." A click on the banner will bring you to your shop.

How do I connect?

To connect your account to your Shopify shop, go to settings and switch the Shopify toggle on. 

Type the name of the Shopify shop you want to connect to, and click OK:

Login to your shop:

Agree to install the Senders app in your Shopify shop:

Once done, your settings will display the name of the shop you are connected to: