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Stripe Integration

You can connect your Senders account to your Stripe account. For each sender, you will instantaneously know if the sender is registered as a customer in your Stripe database, and the name and status of their subscription, if any.

What's in it for me?

Here is the information you will get in your Senders card when you receive an email from an existing customer:

  • Date the customer was added
  • Subscription, if any:
    • Name of the plan
    • Amount per period
    • Status: active / trialling / canceled
    • End date of subscription, if the subscription was canceled by the customer

When you click on the Stripe banner in the card, you will be brought to the customer page in your Stripe dashboard.

If the customer is not registered in your Stripe database, the Stripe banner in the card will simply display "No customer data." A click on the banner will bring you to your Stripe dashboard.

How do I connect?

To connect your Senders account to your Stripe account, go to yoursettings and switch the Stripe toggle on. 

Login to your account:

Authorize to access your Stripe account, in read-only mode:

Once done, your settings will display the name the Stripe account you're connected to: